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Video library

In the Video Library, you can find links to movies found on Youtube and Facebook (and not presented in other folders on this page), made by various authors during their visits to Toro Muerto. We consider them interesting and worth watching. At the same time, we must point out that not all the information provided in them is updated or in line with the current state of knowledge or our opinions about the different aspects of this archaeological site (e.g., about its chronology, the history of its research or the interpretation of the particular representations).

Undoubtedly, not all the materials posted in the Internet are equally recommendable and can be considered interesting educational material to complement our knowledge about Toro Muerto. This site is sometimes visited by researchers of paranormal phenomena, detectives of ‘hidden secrets of the past’, UFO seekers or pseudo-archeologists. Their interpretations may be interesting and funny, but they have nothing to do with reality. They are not based on the reliable knowledge that we have thanks to scientific discoveries made in recent decades, either.

There is no problem if the said visits end in making films (here we present only two of them), in which the aforementioned ‘specialists’ reveal their ‘discoveries’ or share their shocking theories with the viewers. It is worse if they somehow affect the cultural heritage, interfere with the monuments they discuss or at least create an atmosphere of sensation and mystery around the site; this can lead to its real and irreversible destruction
(e.g., caused by the desire to discover traces of the presence of aliens about whose visits to Toro Muerto they talk in their videos).

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