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In the Toro Muerto area, we see not only rock blocks covered with petroglyphs, but also many other elements of the cultural landscape. The order of excavations -  which started in 2018 - has been established with a view to recognising the nature of each of them. Our research was preceded by three seasons of intensive prospecting and source exploration. In doing so, we used the information contained in existing literature (including Linares 1974; Díaz & Rosińska 2008; Rosińska 2016). Excavations have allowed us to verify some of the information provided in the literature.


Díaz and Rosińska (2008), for example, claimed that there are remains of residential structures in the southern part of the complex. After the survey excavations in this area, we were able to conclude that the rectangular structures present there were not architectural objects (pre-Hispanic or historical, residential or not), but were a trace of sand selection by contemporary farmers.

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